Top 10 in-demand tech jobs in the U.S.

What are the most in-demand tech jobs in the U.S in 2022? Check out this post to get the list of top-ten tech job and their details!

Top 10 in-demand tech jobs in the U.S.

There are many opportunities in the I.T. industry that need professionals with unique skills. However, finding people best suited for these growing technology companies is rare.

Thus, companies prefer to pay more to candidates with the skills necessary for the job. So, which of these top-notch I.T. jobs are in demand in 2022? Today’s article will list the top ten in-demand technology or I.T. jobs in the U.S Read on!

1. Cloud Engineer

Working as a cloud engineer means getting a job maintaining and providing access to cloud infrastructure and security solutions. Currently, various companies prefer to use the cloud to store systems, data, and applications. The United States leads in cloud engineering capabilities. So, you can expect an annual salary of $121,998 to $133,526.

2. Big Data Engineer

The earnings are enormous for a big data engineer, even if it’s a new tech job. It includes helping a company with its accumulated data, which is unstructured, semi-structured, and structured.

You will need to identify patterns, study them, and give executives ideas for solutions before they implement any business decisions that could impact the company. In a year, you can earn from $118,000 to $159,135.

3. Software Developer

Software developers have a skill set that is highly sought after in the technology industry. Your job responsibilities in this area include creating software and applications.

In addition, many companies will need software and applications in 2022. In this field, you can expect an annual salary of $105,590 to $161,290. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in the U.S.

4. Application Developer

Nowadays, many people have access to tablets and smartphones. A specialist in this field is engaged in creating applications on Android, iOS, and any other available mobile platforms. In addition, they put their unique knowledge and skills into web development and coding. As a result, mobile app developers earn between $92,524 and $114,325 annually.

5. Network Engineer

The job of a network engineer is to create a wireless connection between the company’s critical resources and employees, regardless of their location. Working in the U.S. as a wireless network engineer means you will earn a high salary. The median annual pay for this profession is between $74,935 and $83,213.

6. Database Manager

The database has become a necessity for many companies around the world. If you are a data manager, your job includes organizing and ensuring that the correct information is in the company’s systems.

In addition, the company may need your help in finding strategic data that they can collect and use. You can look forward to an annual salary range of $137,590 to $164,814.

7. Data Security Analyst

You need to protect your company data and keep it safe. A data security analyst reviews open systems, suggest remediation options, and creates a quality system protocol. In addition, you will troubleshoot, investigate, and identify any data leaks that may cause security issues. The U.S pays high salaries for this I.T. job. So you can look forward to an annual salary ranging from $99,730 to $158,860.

8. Data Scientist

As a data scientist, you will bring your knowledge of modeling and statistics to areas where you need to work with complex company datasets. You must collect information and communicate it to the company’s top managers before making organizational decisions. Expect an annual salary from $94,280 to $158,060.

9. Information System Manager

Many employers need security within their company. The security manager’s specifications are to secure the company’s networks and systems. You will ensure compliance with security measures within the company.

In the same way, you will eliminate any vulnerable loops in their system and look for various unique ways to block unauthorized access to information. You can earn between $124,063 and $149,454 in annual income.

10. Enterprise Application Architect

Being an enterprise application architect means that your position requires you to design vital parts of a company’s application in terms of its infrastructure and user interface. In addition, you may need to process previous applications and update them. Expect a salary of $130,975 to $141,360 per year in this career. This career is one of the highest paid in the U.S.

Final Words

There are many suitable tech jobs in the United States. You can consider the abovementioned options if you want to get a high position in information technology. Before applying, select your area of ​​expertise. Until Next Time!

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